We count on the most modern transportation fleet and highly trained professionals to handle all types of wastes. Cleanmex, S.A. de C.V. offers you a high quality service that is always committed to protect the environment.

Cleanmex Transportation and Integrated Management  Service of Hazardous and Special Wastes  for the Oil and Gas Industry cover:

  • Residual Water
  • Condensed Fracturing Fluids
  • Spent Oil
  • Spent Acid
  • Cleaning of Damns (sludge, Cement, Sand and build-up)
  • Disposal of cuttings
  • Service activities to oil wells
  • Water based cutting fluids and water based mud
  • Oil based cutting fluids
  • Water in oil wells
    • Contaminated solids
    • Contaminated mounting threads
    • Oily Sediments