Environmental Policy

Cleanmex, S.A de C.V, number one commitment is to protect the environment providing the highest level of service as well as to ensure compliance with the law in the transportation, treatment and disposition of industrial wastes sent from different generators as well to those generated in our treatment processes.

  • Cleanmex, S.A de C.V. ensures that its suppliers and external service providers comply with the Environmental current regulations.
  • Cleanmex, S.A de C.V. provides and guarantees a proper work environment through innovative practices and procedures to prevent pollution and to minimize waste.
  • Cleanmex, S.A de C.V. provides its employees and community in general the certainty that its activities and processes fully comply with all environmental applicable laws, regulations and requirements in force.
  • Cleanmex, S.A de C.V. ensures that this policy is fully documented and implemented in every area, service and processes of its business and that is well-known and applied by its personnel and easily available for consultation.

For this reason and its unique blend of services make CLEANMEX, S.A. de C.V. the most reliable and efficient option in the managing of industrial waste.

Our Mission

Proper management of industrial waste through a reliable high-tech service based on quality, excellence, experience, and strict compliance with environmental regulations.